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Overcoming the Guilts of Chronic Illness: Cause and Care

“Guilt is anger directed at ourselves.”- Peter McWilliams The Guilt of Cause I remember when my mother was first diagnosed with Lymphoma one of our first questions was, “What caused this.” We demanded an answer – an exact answer, in … Continue reading

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Is It Really “Not Fair”?

It’s Simply Not Fair Some days (if you haven’t noticed the pattern yet, when I say “some days”…I’m primarily referring to today) I find myself crying, “It’s not fair.”  And then I breathe and remember that no disease is really … Continue reading

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The World is Full of Possible Impossibles

“No one ever gets far unless he accomplishes the impossible at least once a day.” – Elbert Hubbard An Impossible Day I’ll be honest.  I’ve called an obstacle impossible.  In fact, this morning I was absolutely certain that today’s obstacle … Continue reading

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Mindy-Body Connections with CRPS/RSD: They Do Exist

The Big Day These days there’s a lot to celebrate.  Even during times of excruciating pain, there’s almost always light somewhere just waiting for me to grab at it.  Sometimes it hides in crevices.  Other times it shines like a … Continue reading

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Navigating Through the Struggles…(Life is What You Make of It)

The Struggle It Takes to be Human The beginning:  pain level 4.  This morning’s physical therapy session was challenging – I’m not going to lie.  I’m tough in therapy.  I execute each request, not always flawlessly but to the best … Continue reading

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